Milan: 22nd–23rd September 2021


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Hardware Forum Matchmaking service is a unique service that lets companies set up meetings at the fair with key players in the industry.

Here is what you have to know about the Hardware Forum matchmaking:

⇒ It's a business meeting service free of charge exclusively for Hardware Forum exhibitors. A valuable meeting platform between manufacturers and distributors.

⇒ A unique chance to get in touch with the major Italian and European distributors and seize new business development opportunities.

⇒ A versatile platform: physical meetings at the exhibition will be complemented by net-meetings with distributors who will not be able to attend the show. More distributors, more business opportunities!

⇒ A time-saving service thanks to the new exhibitor personal area, which will allow you to request appointments and manage the meeting calendar through your private account.

In 2019, more than 250 meetings were achieved in over two days. 

Don't miss the chance!

Please find the 2021 distributors list


Axel Group

The group was founded  in 1998 by four distributors of hardware, tools and gardening products.

Nowadays the group has 7 distribution centres.

In 2017, the Axel Point program was born, which aims to give the "Axel Point" store a continuous and coordinated image, training and marketing support, in order to give the daily sales of Axel Points a different visibility thanks to the involvement of a significant number of customers.

In 2018, the centralised logistics platform was established in Formia. Its goal is to reduce the number of products in the members’ warehouses, optimize the stocks, reduce the percentage of backlog and improve the efficiency of the whole process of management and shipment of goods.

Distributed products: hardware, tools, gardening

Distribution area: Italy

Target: traditional

Canese Dante

Wholesaler for the hardware industry, specialized in the security sector since 1959. Now in its third generation, the company can count on the collaboration with 8 sales representatives, covering the market of Liguria, Tuscany, Piedmont, Friuli Venezia Giulia, part of Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Sardinia.

Distributed products: security, hardware, power tools, small parts

Distribution Area: Liguria, Tuscany, Piedmont, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Emilia Romagna and Veneto, Sardinia, Italy

Target: traditional

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CDF Gruppo-Giovanni Ferrari

CDF is the association of hardware distributors founded in 2011 by three key players of the sector: Machieraldo Ferramenta e Casalinghi, Giovanni Ferrari Distribuzione and Ernesto Vianello. A well-established group that manages a shared business program in the hardware market.

Distributed products: hardware, household, gardening, safety, colour

Distribution Area: Italy

Target: traditional and organized large-scale distribution

Chiavenato Nicola - IVM

Chiavenato is a distributor of agricultural and hardware products with storehouse in Tuscany.

Distributed products: hardware, diy, tools, gardening and farming

Distribution area: central Italy (Tuscany and Umbria)

Target: traditional/professional, farming

Cobianchi Ferramenta

Founded in 1919, Ferramenta Cobianchi is a distributor in Florence. Its most important sectors are hardware, building and garden in Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio.

Distributed products: hardware, building, gardening, safety, thermo-hydraulic

Distribution Area: Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio

Target: traditional and professional

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Distributor of hardware and accessories for windows and doors in the aluminium, wood and PVC windows and doors sectors. It work with companies in the Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trentino regions and is looking for specific solutions to the needs of an increasingly competitive market such as the hardware and accessories trade for windows and doors.

Distributed products: hardware and accessories for windows and doors, solar protection, stucco and lubricant, safety and tools

Distribution Area: Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trentino

Target: professional

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Consorzio Gruppo Rea Italia Rivendite Edili Associate

Gruppo Rea is a group of building equipment and building materials dealers with 140 associated resellers.

It's the most important group in Central Italy.
Gruppo Rea has set up a national marketplace with suppliers, products and equipment for professional and do-it-yourself construction online for 30 years
The online magazine is also part of the group; is a trademagazine for retailers of the building sector in Italy.

Distributed products: construction, heating and air conditioning, floor and wall coverings, carpentry and window frames, electricity and lighting, paints and enamels, hardware, tools, plumbing - sanitary and bathroom - garden, outdoor and equipment

Distribution area: Italy

F.lli Zangrillo

Wholesaler of hardware, building and thermo-hydraulic products since 1940.

Distributed products: hardware, building, thermo-hydraulic, tools, gardening, household, electricity, safety and colour

Distribution Area: Lazio, Campania, Molise and Apulia

Target: traditional (hardware resale, building material, thermo-hydraulic and gardening).


Ferca is a group of hardware retailers with more than 70 members.

It has a central purchasing center, centralized warehouse of 6000 square meters, 100.000 references. The group provides assistance service in store management with analysis of internal processes to improve performance and increase the business of group members.

Private label products are imported.

Distributed products: hardware, gardening, tools, colours, household, screws, safety equipment 

Distribution area: North Italy


FerramentaOnline is the first Italian e-commerce referred to the hardware market.
Launched on the web at the end of 1999 as an information portal, it developed in a few years into commercial structure with thousands of products in the catalogue, from small metal parts to tools.
With a staff made up of men trained to provide their customers with a constant and qualified service, the company focuses mainly on business users, satisfying even the most complex requests in extremely short times, without neglecting the needs of the do-it-yourself enthusiast.

Product categories distributed: ironmongery and technical articles; screws and bolts; power tools and hand tools; building and carpentry products; gardening and agricultural articles; hydraulic fittings and accessories; safety products.

Distribution area: Italy


Ferramenta Paride is a specialized retailer whose goal is to help the customer in creating, and innovating thanks to a professional service.

To reach the goal, 3 are the rules to follow: technical knowledge, transparency towards the customer, continuous improvement.

Ferramenta Paride has a team of both employees with decades of experience and young people who want to grow. Everybody follow the customer from the very first request, both online and offline, to the purchase and after-sales service.

Distributed products: high level tools and equipment, accessories and hardware for furniture, articles for metal carpentry and ironworking, articles for wooden and pvc windows and doors and security.

Distribution Area: Italy


Cooperative society

Products distributed: hardware, bricolage, gardening

Distribution areas: Italy, Spain



Over 140 years of history, from 1873 to the present, through three centuries always with the same objective: invest in improving customer satisfaction continuously with the best tools and services to tackle the challenges of market. 

Associated with the group: FERRITALIA

Distributed products: tooling, safety equipment, hardware, colors,  security, civil and industrial hydraulics, gardening, construction,  wire rod and its derivatives, mounting, screws and bolts, lifting, heating sector, steel products, machine tools with an assortment of over 36000 inventory items. 

Distribution Area: Emilia Romagna, part of Tuscany, Piedmont and Liguria


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Fratelli Vitale

Fratelli Vitale is a wholesale distribution company operating in many different sectors, including: hardware, plumbing, tools, electrical equipment, heating, garden furniture.

Products distributed: 14 sectors. Ironmongery, electrical equipment and lighting, heating, home improvement, outdoor furniture, gardening and agriculture, animal husbandry and pet, construction, steel products, paints and adhesives, workwear, tools, electrical tools, plumbing.

Distribution areas: Central South, islands included.


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Giovanni Ferrari

The company was founded in 1973 by Giovanni Ferrari. It is a wholesaler of technical, professional and DIY products based in central Italy. Thanks to Mr Ferrari's children, the company has grown exponentially and in less than 50 years, it has become a point of reference for the Italian market. It is part of the Consorzio Distributori Ferramenta (C.D.F.) and of the European supplier group EIW (European Independent Wholesalers).

Distributed products: hardware, tools, safety, colours, hydraulic, electricity, household, gardening, farming

Distribution Area: Central Italy

Target: traditional, large scale distribution


Association of hardware, tools, gardening and DIY wholesalers with 9 associates. Widespread presence and coverage throughout Italy.

Distributed products: hardware, tools, gardening, diy, thermo-hydraulic, farming, safety

Distribution Area: Italy

Target: professional and traditional


IVM srl was founded in 1986 as a company specialized in the transformation of flexible abrasives into belts, sheets and discs using raw materials of the best brands, both Italian and foreign.
Over the years, the natural development of the distribution activity has led to the addition of a range of tools and technical items in prder to face the growing market demand.
Today IVM is a wholesaler belonging to the Axel Group, of which it is one of the founding partners.

Distributed products: hardware, tools, compressed air, abrasives

Distribution area: Verona, Trentino, Emilia Romagna, Lombardy

Target: traditional/professional, craft and industry


A distributor in Northern Italy since 1910, Machieraldo manages two distinct sectors: hardware and household goods. It is part of the Hardware Distributors Consortium (C.D.F.) and of the European distributors group EIW, European Independent Wholesellers.

Distributed products: Hardware, household, gardening, safety and colour

Distribution Area: Northern Italy

Target: traditional and large-scale distribution

website - Edilizia digitale

Magazziniedili is the first marketplace for the buiding sector in Europe. It is online since 2000, reference point for retailers, craftsmen, businesses, DIY, specialising in construction, heating, air conditioning, flooring and cladding, carpentry and joinery, doors, windows, electricity and lighting, paints and enamels, hardware, tools, electrical tools, plumbing, sanitary and bathroom, garden, outdoor, equipment, garden, DIY, household items.

Magazziniedili provides the pubblication of the supplier's or distributor's catalogue in the marketplace.

Associated with the Group: Consorzio GRUPPO REA ITALIA

Product categories distributed: construction, heating, air conditioning, flooring and cladding, carpentry and joinery, doors, windows, electricity and lighting, paints and enamels, hardware, tools, electrical tools, plumbing, sanitary and bathroom, garden, outdoor, equipment, garden, DIY, household items. 

Distribution areas: Italy (supply chain: Logistics - Supplier - Manufacturer - Retail)

Malfatti & Tacchini

Distributor specialized in hardware and safety since 1908.

Malfatti & Tacchini is leader in the development of the safety market for the industry and traditional/modern distribution.

Distributed products: hardware, safety

Distribution: Italy

Target: traditional/modern distribution, industry


ManoMano is the first marketplace dedicated to Home Improvement in Europe.

With over 2 million products in its catalogue and 2.000 selected partner dealers, ManoMano generated a turnover of 1,2 billion euros in 2020, becoming the online reference in the DIY, Garden & Home Furnishings sector. ManoMano operates in six Countries and has over 600 employees who manage international operations in Paris, Bordeaux and Barcelona offices. It is associated to the group Colibri SAS.

Distributed products: DIY & Garden, Home furnishings

Distribution areas: Italy, France, Spain, Germany, England

Mister Worker

E-commerce platform for industrial distribution and professional maintenance.

With a big store built following the shop-in-shop model with vertical and single brand stores, MisterWorkers sells different items from mechanical tools to aerospace and automotive tools.

Distributed products: hardware, electric tools, building, safety, automotive and aerospace

Distribution area: worldwide

Target: industry

Nova S.p.A.

Wholesaler of hardware, colour shops items and manufacturer of chemicals. 

Distributed products: paint & colours, tools for hardware, colour shops, ladders and scaffolding, chemical products for household-care and the industry. 

Distribution Area: Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, Marche, Abruzzo, Molise, Umbria, Sardegna e Liguria. 


Wholesale distributor in Apulia for more than 50 years.

Distributed products: hardware, tools, electric compressors, technical items, colours, industrial furniture, thermo-hydraulic, tool machines, shelves

Distribution area: Apulia

Target: traditional, professional, industry, public institution


Safit is a hardware wholesaler since 1934. It operates in Piedmont, Liguria and Valle D’Aosta.

Distributed products: locks, safety, hardware, tools, electric tools, hydraulic material, iron and steel products, building materials, farming, gardening and home.

Distribution area: Piedmont, Liguria and Valle D’Aosta

Target: traditional


Founded in 1953, Sala Ferramenta has been able to develop and respond to the growing and new needs of the market.
The company currently deals with hardware, industrial supplies and safety on work at height.

Sala Ferramenta boasts a retail outlet in Biasca and a logistic-commercial centre in Muzzano. The company is part of the Wullschleger Group, a Ticino group of eight companies, headed by the Wullschleger family.

The group is made of highly specialized companies that operate independently in construction and industry fields.

Associated with the group: Techno Trade Group

Distributed products:  Screws and fastening systems, cutting tools, machine tools, measuring instruments, abrasives, welding products, manual tools, industrial equipment, construction equipment, electrical and pneumatic tools, industrial furniture, lubricants and chemicals, accident prevention products, D.P.I., life lines and anchoring systems

Distribution area: Ticino (CH)

Techno Trade group

Techno Trade group is a group of selected distributors that covers a wide part of the national territory. It is characterized by high quality know-how and tradition and by a passion for industry.

Techno Trade comprises 40 members. 

It provides a reliable service and network for the most advanced users.

Distributed products: hardware, tools, fixing systems, safety, technical products

Distribution area: Italy

Target: Industry


Dealer of welding, safety equipment, tools and equipment for industry, both offline and online.

Distributed products: welding material, accident prevention, tools and equipment for industry.

Distribution areas: Italy


Contact Person

Giulia Azzoni
Tel. +39 02 86961337

Contact Person

Federica Fasano
Tel. +39 329 729 1955